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Please remember to submit an application to be considered. We will email you within 48 hours letting you know that your application has been received. If you don’t get a notification, please contact us and we will send you an open application.

Once we have your application on file, if there is a dog on the web site that specifically interests you, let us know via email.



Hi my name is Tank, I am almost 10 yrs old. I am a sable and white male, I have a super nice temperament. I am OK with Kitties, but am a little afraid of other dogs. I am looking for a nice home, where I can follow you around and get lot's of love! I am housebroken and sleep anywhere you want me to. I have never lived in a house with a full flight of stairs , and at my age would prefer not to. I do go up and down 6 stairs to my fenced in yard with no problem. I was raised with an electric fence, and it worked well for me. When I want your attention, I will come over and lay my head on your lap, if you don't pay attention to me- I then will give you a little push on your leg, all this while I am wagging my tail.


Miss Kitty & Teddy

Hi my name is Miss Kitty, my brother is Teddy. We are 11 yr old sweethearts. Our dad can no longer take care of us, but were loved and well cared for. Both of us are weight watchers… Sometimes dad forgot we ate, so we got fed again ( neither of us complained) . We are spayed/and neutered and all up to date on our shots, and on monthly heartworm. We are looking for a home where we can go together, because we have always been together! Because of age and weight- full flights of stairs might be hard for us- but we go up and down 6 stairs into my foster moms fenced in back yard with no problem at all. We are looking for a loving couple to give us a warm rug to lay on at night, and we enjoy being outside in the sunshine during the day. WE have always had a fenced in yard, so we are hoping our new home will have the same. We are fine with kitties, and other dogs. We have not been around small kids, so prefer not to live with them. We are both beautiful Sable and White. Is there someone who wants 2 great dogs to come make their lives full of love? If so- fill out an application, or if you already did- email Donna and let her know you want us!

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