New England Sheltie Rescue Adoption Contract

 Donna VERA
(860) 546-6775


ADOPTER_______________________ ADDRESS_____________________________

CITY__________________________________ STATE ______________ ZIP ______

PHONE# (_____)_______________________ DATE of ADOPTION _____________

BREED SHETLAND SHEEPDOG COLOR___________________ D.O.B.__/__/__

DOG’S NAME _____________________________________

The undersigned adopter (s) do hereby release, discharge and hold harmless NEW ENGLAND SHELTIE RESCUE and/or any other person, firm, or corporation charged or chargeable with liability, their heirs, administrators, executors successors and/or assigns from any and all claims, damages, costs, expenses, loss of services, actions and causes of actions belonging to said adopter (s) arising out of any act or occurrence from the present time, particularly on the account of the adoption of the above named dog.


The above said dog is free of any liens or encumbrances except for the conditions specified in this contract.

  1. Adopter agrees to pay the sum of $____________ for the adoption of said dog.
  2. It is agreed that said dog will be maintained within a fenced-in yard or an approved dog kennel. During times of in climate weather said dog will be housed indoors away from the elements. The above mentioned dog will AT ALL TIMES be under the ADOPTER’S control and is never to be allowed to roam free.
  3. It is understood that New England Sheltie Rescue and all NESR representatives assumes NO responsibilities for damage , or injuries caused by the above mentioned dog.
  4. This dog is on a two week trial period any time within this two weeks the dog may be returned for a full refund. If after this two week trial the dog does not work out the dog still MUST be returned to New England Sheltie Rescue but a refund will not be given.
  5. The adopter agrees to keep New England Sheltie Rescue informed of any address changes. It is also understood that at NO TIME will the above mentioned dog be SOLD , GIVEN AWAY , ABANDONED , SOLD TO SCIENCE FOR RESEARCH , OR USED AS OR IN THE TRAINING OF FIGHTING ANIMALS.
  6. It is also understood that the adopter will keep said dog up to date on all shots, check for heart worm every year, and a visit to a veterinarian at least once per year. The adopter is responsible for any and all vet bills incurred for the life of this contract.
  7. The adopter will inform New England Sheltie Rescue of the dog’s death and also the cause of death.
  8. Changes, additions, or any other alterations of this contract MUST BE IN WRITING and signed and agreed upon by ALL PARTIES INVOLVED.
  9. Reservation of Rights: New England Sheltie Rescue, reserves the right to enforce this contract in order to protect the welfare of the dog. It is understood that New England Sheltie Rescue, may examine and may make inquiry about said dog at any time. If the terms and conditions of this Agreement are not upheld, New England Sheltie Rescue, reserved the right to terminate this Agreement and to reclaim the dog.
  10. Failure to honor any part of this contract will result in a penalty of not less than $1500.00 per occurrence payable to New England Sheltie Rescue. ANY AND ALL LEGAL FEES AND COURT COSTS NECESSARY TO ENFORCE THIS CONTRACT WILL BE THE OBLIGATION OF THE ADOPTER INCLUDING ALL THOSE INCURRED BY NEW ENGLAND SHELTIE RESCUE.
  11. New England Sheltie Rescue gives NO warranties covering the health or temperament of the above mentioned dog both expressed and implied .
  13. Your signature below means that you (the adopter) are in full agreement with the terms of this contract.



NEW ENGLAND SHELTIE RESCUE REP. ___________________________




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